7 Resources to Learn Kotlin

Ready to start learning Kotlin? In this video, you’ll learn of a variety of resources to learn Kotlin and better use the language.

Great documentation, blog posts, videos, courses, etc…

There are a lot of great options for you.

Kotlin Documentation

The official documentation for Kotlin, and “Kotlin for Android” is a great place to start learning the language and how you can use it for Android development.

Official Kotlin Documentation

Kotlin for Android Documentation


Kotlin Weekly consolidates many great articles about Kotlin every week.  And if that’s not enough, the Kotlin Blog and Medium are home to many more great posts.

Kotlin Weekly

Search on Medium

Official Kotlin Blog


There are many Kotlin books out there, however these 3 in particular are quite good; especially if you’re an Android Developer.

Kotlin in Action

Kotlin for Android Developers

Kotlin Programming – The Big Nerd Ranch

Large List of Kotlin Books


Between KotlinConf, Google I/O, and a variety of Android conferences/meetups there are more and more videos out there that help teach Kotlin.

I have a “Learn Kotlin” playlist

KotlinConf 2017 YouTube Playlist

Kotlin at IO ’18

Kotlin on YouTube


If you’re in to podcasts, there are at least a couple of options for you.  Talking Kotlin is specifically Kotlin related and covers a variety of Kotlin topics.

Talking Kotlin Podcast

Fragmented Podcast


Udacity has several Kotlin courses, and the Big Nerd Ranch offers there Android Essentials bootcamp with a Kotlin emphasis as well.  Many other courses are out there as well.

Udacity Courses

Big Nerd Ranch – Android Essentials with Kotlin

Hands on Experience

If hands on experience is how you learn best, then you could try getting started with the Kotlin Koans, Android samples, or converting some existing Java to Kotlin within IntelliJ or Android Studio.

Kotlin Koans Online

Kotlin Android Samples

Get Started with Kotlin on Android