Android Studio Navigation Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can have a huge impact on developer efficiency and productivity.

Moving from command to command without taking your hands off the keyboard speeds up your development cycle and helps you take full advantage of the IDE.

Here are several of my favorite navigational shortcuts within Android Studio that I use on a daily basis.

Android Studio Shortcuts

Enter Action or Option

Lookup any command by name using a single shortcut. Extremely useful when first learning shortcuts.

(My personal favorite shortcut)

Mac: Command + Shift + A

Win: Ctrl + Shift + A

Open a Class (‘class’)

Allows you to search for, and open, a specific class

Mac: Command + O

Win: Ctrl+N

Search Everywhere

Search the entire project for files, code, and menus

Mac: double shift

Win: double shift

Go to File

Look up, and go to, a specific file by name

Mac: Shift + Command + O

Win: Ctrl + Shift + N


Jump to previous location

Mac: Command + [ or Alt + Command + Left

Win: Ctrl + Alt + Left


Mac: Command + ] or Alt + Command + Right

Win: Ctrl + Alt + Right

Recent Files

Open list of recent files and quickly navigate between them

Mac: Comand + E

Win: Ctrl + E

Complete Current Statement

Will auto complete the current statement based on whatever that statement is. A basic statement will have the cursor moved to the end of the line and a semicolon added if using Java. If writing a method, the braces for the method body will be added and the cursor moved within the braces.

Mac: Comand + Shift + Enter

Win: Ctrl + Shift + Enter