Stay Up to Date as an Android Developer – 2018

As an Android developer, it’s useful to know about the latest tools, tips, and trends.

Here are a number of my favorites ways of staying up to date in the world of androiddev.

Weekly Newsletter

Android Weekly Newsletter

This is probably my single favorite way to stay up to date because it aggregates great content on a weekly basis.

Simply scanning through the titles and checking out 1-2 links each week will really help you understand what the new tools, tips/ and trends are.


Fragmented Podcast

Android Developers Backstage Podcast

I subscribe to both of these podcasts and love the deep dives into technical topics that span the breadth of the Android platform.


Android Dialogs YouTube Channel

Google’s Android Developers YouTube Channel

Android Dialogs is a wonderful community-driven channel that focuses on short conversations with Android developers.

Google’s Android Developers channel is a terrific source for all things Android coming out of Google.

Blogs & Publications
Android Developers Blog
Google Developers Medium Publication
ProAndroidDev Medium Publication
AndroidPub Medium Publication

There are many, many great blogs out there in the world of androiddev.  These are just a few that can get you started.

The medium publications in particular are quite nice because the include posts from many different people so you can find many different perspectives on different topics.

Twitter GDE & Dev Advocate lists

Android GDE Twitter List
Android Developer Advocates Twitter List
Kotlin GDE Twitter List

The androiddev community is quite active on Twitter.  These 3 lists include Google Developer Experts and Google Android Developer Advocates that are on Twitter and regularly share useful info.

Conference Videos

DroidconNYC ’17 Videos
Google I/O ’17 Videos

Many conferences share their recorded videos online to be watched later.  If you can’t attend in person, or even if you do and want to watch again, these types of channels are really useful.

You could watch them alone, at a meetup, or incorporate into your team’s weekly schedule to help everyone stay up to date.

. . .

What are your favorite ways to stay up to date? Comment below or share on social media. I’d love to continue the conversation.